Thought of the Day: What does it mean to throw something 'away'? | Life Without Plastic
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Thought of the Day: What does it mean to throw something ‘away’?


We use plastic packaging almost every day, and we dispose of it in different ways. Some of it we recycle, some of it we throw away… It all ends up in different places. But what does it mean to throw something away?

Think about all the plastic you used today. This could be a water bottle, packaging for a sandwich, wrapping for a product… Where did it end up today? Where will it be tomorrow? In a week? In a year?

Now think about it again – could you have lived without it? Was there an alternative to your use of it? Not using plastic is a way to take ownership of the waste that we produce every day without a second thought as to where it ends up. It encourages a positive lifestyle of ‘leaving no trace’ on our natural environment, or at least a limited trace…!


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