Fruit and veggies for the week! | Life Without Plastic
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Fruit and veggies for the week!


I just picked up my VegBox, which is an initiative by a society on campus to help people eat more local, organic food. You pay 6 pounds and pick up your VegBox the following week for tons of delicious and seasonal vegetables grown on a farm a few miles out of town.

This week it’s lots of potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, lettuce and zucchini! YUM! Plus, covered in dirt = my favourite type of veggies 🙂

On top of that is a bunch of stuff I bought loose from the local fruit and veg shop – these are less great on the food miles front, but a good way to get fruits with out creating any plastic waste. SO here’s an example of how you can eat really well and support great local businesses without using any plastic! Hooray for the earth.

St Andrews friends: If you are interested, here is the facebook page for the St Andrews VegBox scheme: They take orders in the union every Friday, 11 till 1pm, for pick up the following week. Give it a try!

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