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Shampoo, conditioner and “toothpaste”!

I started my day off with a refreshing shower using some great all-natural products from Lush that allow me to have fab hair and pearly white teeth without tons of chemicals going down the drain!

The blue bar is called a shampoo called Seanik and it works so well, all you do is wet and lather in your hands and it should last you about 40-50 washes depending on how long your hair is. The green bar is Jungle conditioner, if you get it a bit wet and then apply directly to your hair and leave for a few minutes it makes it silky smooth! I also just use a regular bar of soap that I bought from a farmers market this summer on the rest of my body.

All I need in the morning!

All I need in the morning!

The black box is Dirty Toothy tabs – last time I did this I used conventional toothpaste throughout but started researching alternatives and found these awesome ones. It’s basically small mint-like tabs that you chew up to get working and then just get to work with a wet toothbrush and it froths up upon contact with water. I’m super picky about dental hygiene products so I wouldn’t use anything that I didn’t really think did the job, and these are so fantastic! Plus the box is totally recyclable so no toothpaste bottles going to the landfill.

Here are the links if you’re keen. I really can’t recommend these enough, plus it declutters your bathroom rather than having tons of different products!

Find them online here:

  • Tania
    Posted at 14:34h, 23 April Reply

    Hi Alexis, love your passion for no plastic and natural products, but just wanted to point out (because I care) that Lush products are not all natural. They themselves advertise as ‘Fresh handmade’ and make no claim to be all natural. If you check out the ingredients for the products you are using you will find all the info in accordance with EU regulations, most of which usually include some chemicals. A lot of people have the same impression you do, so with much love, please be careful not to fall into the ‘green washing trap’, always check the ingredients.
    Best wishes, Tania

    • theplanetclub
      Posted at 16:02h, 31 May Reply

      Dear Tania,

      Thank you so much for your comment! Apologies for my delay in replying! I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention, as I have clearly fallen in to that trap! I will be sure to check all the ingredients before I purchase any new products.

      Thanks again for your knowledge!
      All the best,


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