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Hi everyone! More than two years ago I wrote a blog post about my decision to go to business school and now I am happy to report that I am officially on the other side of that long process and starting back at school in September! I really can’t wait. I still passionately believe that there are not enough environmentalists in the world who can “talk the talk” with businesses and implement collaborative, long-term solutions that are both environmentally sound and financially feasible. Hopefully at the end of 2021 I will be able to create bridges between my world of environmentalists and a new world of business players.

One of the last things I wanted to do before leaving my job last December (I am taking a few months to travel before starting in the fall) was create a series of infographics to explain so much of what I have learned over the last few years in a way that is easy-to-understand, engaging and colourful.

A few years back I met an incredible artist called Catherine Leach (Catfish Creative), who works on distilling complex ideas into pieces of art and infographics. After spending very many agonising hours distilling down years of information into a few pages, my amazing team over at Gallifrey Foundation took this forward and coordinated with Catherine to create these masterpieces!


You can find other sizes, colours and versions with and without citations at our website:

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