The Plastic Detox | Life Without Plastic
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Welcome to the Plastic Detox

I’ve been (mostly) plastic-free since September 2013, and have tried to encourage others to live plastic-free through this blog, the videos I help make on the YouTube channel and through workshops I give in schools and offices.

There is SO MUCH information out there about plastic-free living. Seriously. So much. Sometimes there are so many tips and tricks out there that it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

At the start of the year, I was at a party talking about this with my friend Adrian, and old friend from high school. Adrian works in design thinking and has a very analytical mind, and was questioning how we can make it easier for people to go plastic-free. We realised no one had really collated all this information into one easy-to-follow and habit-focused experience. So we set about to make just that!

Adrian asked me to create an 8-week challenge for him to see what the main obstacles were for him to live plastic-free. We adapted this 8-week challenge into a 1-week challenge, but when we tested it on friends July, they felt it wasn’t enough time to form new habits. So we’ve settled on 21 days because we believe it’s a manageable amount of time, while still being challenging!

Our 21-day plastic detox will help learn how to reduce the amount of plastic you use through simple habit changes. Making changes in your lifestyle will not be easy, so the most important outcome of the detox is for you to be more conscious of your plastic consumption and to identify habits that you feel comfortable with and can stick to!

We’ve set up this detox to tackle different areas of our lives where we can generate plastic. Here is an overview of our schedule:

Each day we will post on our private Facebook group a plastic challenge in line with the area of focus. The challenge will be posted in the morning and this will give you time to prepare and schedule your time to tackle it in time. We ask you to please post pictures, videos, experiences and thoughts on the group to get feedback and discussion around the challenges you work on.

To support the daily challenges, each area also has an informative email that will be sent to this email at the beginning of a new phase. This email will present the issue we are tackling, deconstruct myths you may have on plastic and share some interesting facts about plastic intake.


Sounds great! Where do I sign up? 

Head to this page and fill out this survey about your plastic consumption: We’ll save your e-mail and add it to our mailing list and send you the link to our closed Facebook group.

Our next challenge starts October 1st! Sign up now!