Videos | Life Without Plastic
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Check out my TEDx talk here, delivered in Switzerland in November 2017.

Our first video! We give the lowdown on zero-waste living in the form of top ten tips.

How do you grocery shop plastic-free? This video goes over a visit to the bulk store, getting fresh produce and other plastic-free shopping tips!

This video features our zero-waste morning routines from what we eat to how we deal with skincare!

This video details how to deal with living zero-waste in awkward situations and how to follow our golden rule, “don’t be a jerk!”

This is a re-make of our top ten tips video (kid-friendly!) where we go over our basics on zero waste living.

Is is that time of the month for you? This video goes over how to get through your period without creating mountains of trash!

Ever wondered how to make zero-waste, dairy-free milk? Check out our video here for a fast and easy recipe!

Do you find it hard to maintain a zero-waste lifestyle while travelling? Check out our tips here to reduce your waste when travelling for work or fun!

In this video we go over some of our favourite nature conservation organisations!